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  • playing the violin in a music video for Lela Rose, an up-and-coming young rapper
  • an Easter Seals PSA for veterans
  • a music video for Avicii
  • a commercial for a top tech company (on TV now!)
  • a cameo on the Arsenio Hall show
  • starring in a horror/comedy feature film, The Hunter and the Hunted
  • writing, producing, fight choreographing and starring in Making an Impression, my second short film
  • playing a vixenish muay thai fighter in Bounce: The Interview with Creative Engineering and Red Studios
  • co-starring as the voice of Spunk in the new animated series "Punky Pets", which I’ve helped promote at San Diego Comic Con since 2013
  • writing, producing, fight choreographing and starring in Cracking Aces, my own short film
  • two episodes as Myra, a seductive troublemaker in the webseries "Modern Couple"
  • Sara, a violinist who walks in on something magical in The Conductor
  • a victorious appearance on the NBC show We the People as Eden Lim, a put-upon ex-girlfriend
  • Chun-Li vs. Cammy, a short film homage to Street Fighter
  • a commercial for the iPhone app Snoozer Loser
  • and Inconvenience, in which I have to deal with a stalker neighbor and a pervy parole officer.
  • You can see my full resume here.

Welcome to my website! I am a trained actress, violinist, singer, model and dancer. I am also a martial artist, poker dealer, lawyer, writer and restaurant reviewer. Performing has always been my first love, and I have been combining it with my dream of being an action hero. I moved from New York City to Los Angeles a couple years ago - I'm excited to have new adventures! My recent and upcoming projects include: